Servers with bulk IP’s

We provide dedicated servers in EU with large quantities of IP addresses from Different Class C. Pay your attention that mail ports are closed as a rule Any illegal activities are strictly prohibited. SEO-hosting, social media and alike uses, data scraping are acceptable.

We are looking for long term contracts (starting from two months). Our partner data centres are located in Germany, United Kingdom and Romania.

Standard configurations.
Intel E3-1230v2 / 8GB DDR3 1333 / 1TB SATA / 5TB, 1 Gbits port
price — 95 euro

Intel E3-1270v2 / 16GB DDR3 1333 / 2TB SATA / 5TB, 1Gbits
price — 135 euro

Intel Dual E5-2620v2 / 32GB DDR3 1333 / 2x2TB SATA / 5TB, 1 Gbits
price — 310 euro

Upgrade is possible at any time. All billing occurs in euro, USD amount can be shown for convenience and is based on currency exchange rate. We can help you set up basic presets (seo-hosting, vpn-server, proxies etc) free of charge. All that will take more time to get things organized is available but it will cost you some money.

We can assign multiple IP addresses to each config. Virgin clean /24’s and 1/ip across 90 x /29’s on different class-C’s are available in EU. Cost of 1 IPv4 address is 2 euro.

In some cases different class-B/C’s are also available, but only for allocations of /29 and higher from each range.

We can help you to announce your Autonomous System or IP address space using BGP and its configuration.