LIR services

How to acquire /22 IPv4 range of 1024 IPv4 addresses in 2019?
Open your own LIR account in the RIPE NCC with our help!

Our service will cost you: 250 euro
Total payments to RIPE: €3,400*
* This include Single fee €2,000 and Member Annual fee €1,400

1 IPv4-address will cost you approximately €3
Market purchase cost of 1 IPv4 address is approximately €10

Profit is obvious

Our LIR Registration service include:

  • IPv4, IPv6 and ASN request for your company
  • Object creating (ORG, TECH, ADMIN, ABUSE, PERSON, MNT, ROUTE etc)
  • All Communication with RIPE NCC
  • RIPE Fee Payments can be done from our bank account (we have bank account in EU)
  • We can help you to announce your Autonomous System or IP address space using BGP

As a bonus, we can tell you how to use possibility to pay quarterly to RIPE (a good way how to save your budget).

If you already have LIR account but you are not able to pay annual LIR fees, we are also ready to take your PA address space for maintenance.

We provide a full range of services LIR, including sponsorship contract (sponsoring-org), we are able to maintain your Provider-Independent (PI) objects (IPv4 or IPv6) and Autonomous System (AS), we provide PI address to PA address conversion service. If you are not satisfied with your current LIR, (price or quality), you can change it to any other. To do this, just email us and we will do everything as quickly as possible.