IP for rent

Our common rate:
/24 — 90 USD per month (always in stock)

For now we have few /22 IPv4 ranges for lease, available immediately and without delay! All ip addresses are virgin clean!

We will give you a LOA and it is possible to change whois data and manage geo-location data. Price depends on the period and length of lease. We have special discounts and conditions for proxy services, vpn providers and hosters.

Our AUP:

  1. Email spamming is strictly prohibited.
    ROKSO or SBL listing will lead to termination of the agreement (with only exception — if it would REALLY happen accidentally, but we know what “snowshoe spam” is and what can’t explain it).
    If you are doing LEGAL email marketing and you have no problems with Spamhaus, we can try to work together. But short-time lease is impossible.
  2. Port scanning and automated brute force attacks are strictly prohibited.
  3. Bulletproof hosting, Fastflux, stolen IP-ranges that seeking maintance… Please do not contact us about helping your business
  4. And any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited. We work according to the law only.