Administrative services

We perform a full range of administrative services, give approximate prices for work.


Configuring the backup system. Writing scripts for backups for specific customer needs. For example, copying to a remote server GPG encrypted backups of virtual machines. In general, the cost depends on the control panel used or its absence, the complexity of the script in the case of a custom solution: from 30 USD.

Server Security Expertise

Analysis of operating system settings, software, rights to files and directories. Setting up Selinux rules. Search for rootkits, shells in scripts, setup of Snort traffic monitoring systems, Tripwire system integrity control: 90 USD per server.

Virtual networks (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec)

Configuring the interaction of two or more servers in a virtual network, setting up for private use on a home computer (surfing, port forwarding), IP address forwarding from one server to another: from 30 USD.

Anti-ddos setup

Setting up the server for high load and optimizing applications for DDoS-attacks: from 100 USD per server.

Installing the Operating System

Installation of Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD and others: 20 USD.

Server Control Panels

Installation and support of commercial panels (prices are monthly): ISP Manager, DirectAdmin, CPanel. Installation of free control panels for the server (installation price): Webmin, Vesta: 20 USD.

Migrating a site / server

Transfer full saving of settings and minimizing downtime: from 30 USD. The price depends on the control panels used, the CMS, the amount of data, the number of sites and other parameters.

Optimizing the server

Consultations, server performance audit, optimization of Apache / Nginx web server settings, MySQL database, installation of accelerators PHP: from 70 USD.

Server Monitoring Systems

Installation of monitoring systems and setting up notification of problems by email / jabber / icq / phone. (Nagios, Zabbix, Munin): from 40 USD.

Virtualization and Containerization Systems

Install and configure Xen, KVM and OpenVZ virtualization. Configure the container and virtual machine control panel Proxmox / VDSManager. Consultations on the transfer of existing infrastructure on OpenVZ or Xen / KVM to increase the level of isolation and mobility of applications, improve the ease of operating the infrastructure. Help with migrating your systems to Docker containers

Automating Server Park Settings

Writing scripts and templates for managing dedicated servers and VPS using the Puppet management system.

Help in task automation

Implementing Vagrant in the development process, writing Vagrant templates to emulate your server infrastructure on the developer’s working computer for more convenient code testing before deploying to the target servers

In addition to one-time administration services, we provide support on an ongoing basis.

  • Basic — 50 usd per month
    Installation of monitoring system, server optimization, regular software updates, 2 hours of work on the tasks of the customer.
  • Extended — 90 usd per month
    Includes a base rate. Additionally, the server is optimized for high loads. Included 4 hours of work on the tasks of the customer.
  • Full — 150 usd per month
    Includes advanced tariff and anti-ddos configuration. Elimination of any problems with the software on the server. Included 6 hours of work on the tasks of the customer.

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